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Welcome to Norrsken - The home of high performance windows

Our timber products and aluminium-clad timber are highly engineered, superbly insulated and extremely efficient. For extra low maintenance consider the option of an aluminium clad exterior.

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Great products need to be matched with great customer service. At Norrsken we go well beyond simply supplying windows and doors. We aim to understand your project and provide a holistic service which takes into account its range and scope and matches our products to your real needs. In any case giving good customer care and advice is a priority.

These attributes are what set Norrsken apart. But don't take our word for it. We have included various comments and feedback from customers across our site, but you can read more of our reviews and testimonials on line at Trustpilot and Google.

Give us a ring, drop us an email or visit us at our showroom to discuss your project with us.

For more reasons to use Norrsken windows and doors for your project read on...

5 stars

"Fantastic Company!!! Great Professional customer service from beginning to end"

"For our self-build garden studio project, we have reached out quite a few well-known window companies and Norrsken came on top for their exceptional customer service, prompt response and most importantly cost of the triple pane windows with an amazing u-value. ..."read more

The best materials and superb finishes deliver outstanding results


Not all wood windows are equal.

Norrsken windows are constructed exclusively using northern European slow growing pine. Trees from these cold climates develop annual growth rings that are narrow and closely set together – this in turn creates dense, strong and durable timber. Couple this with an ISO 9001 manufacturing process and our powder coated aluminium cladding externally and you have the ultimate low maintenance high quality window...read more

High performance products make a real difference to the comfort in your home


Perhaps the most appreciated aspect of our products, high performance windows and doors keep the weather out and the warmth in. They also help significantly reduce noise levels.

Norrsken pursues a policy of continual product development and improvement. As a result our windows are now more than 5 times more thermally efficient than typical double glazed windows of 20 years ago. This gives you more than simply saving on your heating bills...read more

The Norrsken team brings wide ranging expertise to your project


All Norrsken senior staff have extensive construction experience beyond windows. We know about building. Norrsken's founders have built more than 10 “self build” houses. We first installed MVHR in one of these projects in 1987. We understand air-tightness, the value of insulating the entire envelope, the need for fresh air – combined with warmth. Under floor heating with sophisticated control systems, solar thermal, solar PV - we have done them all. We know about SIPS, ICFs, above ground, below ground, floor levels. How does this help you?...read more

Windows and doors to suit evey style of building


State of the art high performance windows may conjure up images of ultra modern minimalist design and it is certainly true that our windows work superbly in this type of project.

However our beautifully finished high performance windows work extremely well in much more traditional settings. Triple glazed sliding sash and cottage type windows are just some of the possibilities...

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The Norrsken team brings wide ranging expertise to your project


Discover the environmental benfits of our windows, which come in two ways

The engineered timber core of our products is environmentally friendly both as a raw material and its manufacture

The thermal performance benefits they provide when installed reduce CO2 pollution and reduce heating costs

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Windows designed to resist attack


A vital element of windows and door performance is their ability to resist intruders. Norrsken products’ superior construction and solidity of material naturally creates sturdy and burglar resistant products. Couple this with high security ironmongery and you have products that easily meet demanding security standards

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