We are proud to be able to state that our products conform to PAS 24:2016 enhanced security performance requirements for doors and windows in the UK. This means that they are external doors and windows intended to offer a level of security suitable for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk. This is now required on all new build projects in the UK in line with the building regulations Part Q.

The very nature of the dense, Northern European pine we use in all of our timber and alu-clad products means that forced ingress is extremely difficult due to the solid and unyielding nature of the timber.

Key-operated, multi-point espagnolettes and multiple locking points to both windows and doors provide extra security and resistance to forced access. 

Laminated glass for external glazing to doors and glazing to side of doors is offered as standard to all Norrsken products that are fitted into a new build project. Security glazing is used where required and glass is glued firmly into place within the sash, unable to be removed even if trims or beads are removed. 

All of these features will substantially discourage attempts to gain access to your property.

During testing our products are put through loading tests  200kg of pressure on windows and 500kg of pressure on doors. Once these tests are passed, the products are put through manual attack. If the items withstand the attack for 15 minutes then the product is given the PAS-24 security certificate.