The windows and doors that you choose for your existing or new build property can really impact its design - some would say that they can make or break the overall appearance of the house. As you embark on your journey to find the perfect windows and doors, you will probably have a list of considerations to focus on, but colour may not be an initial priority. 

So, how should you choose? 

What are the current trends?


Over the last twelve to eighteen months we have seen a marked move towards grey and green tones, on the exterior of our windows. However, shades of white still remain a popular choice. The five shades most frequently selected by our clients during this time are RAL7016 (Anthracite Grey), RAL7012 (Basalt Grey), RAL9016 (Traffic White), RAL7033 (Cement Grey) and RAL9010 (Pure White). 

Other popular grey hues include RAL7021 (Black Grey), RAL7015 (Slate Grey) and RAL7030 (Stone Grey), while RAL6021 (Pale Green) is another favoured green tone. We have also seen an increase in the rise of RAL9004 (Signal Black) and RAL9005 (Jet Black) products, which create a particularly sleek, modern look. In contrast to the darker tones favoured for our windows, we have seen a move towards the number of clients choosing vibrant colours for their doors.  

Entrance Doors

If you would like to add some bright, zesty colour to your property but aren’t quite brave enough to embrace it across all of your windows and doors, then you can always make a statement with your entrance door. Over the last twelve months, we have seen an increase in the number of people opting for their main entrance door to dramatically contrast with the colour of their windows. If that’s still a step too far you, but you want to have a door that creates some interest, you could always consider ordering it in a few shades lighter or darker than your windows.


Our doors and windows can be finished in dual colours, meaning that there is no need to compromise on your internal or external colour schemes, as you can opt for one colour on the inside and a completely different colour on the outside.


If you are replacing the existing windows and doors in your home with a different style and / or colour, then you are generally able to do so without planning permission. However, there are exceptions, particularly if you live in a listed building or if your house is in a conservation area. So, when deciding on the colour of your new windows and doors, it is always worth considering whether you are bound by any regulations, and if any special consent may be required.



The colour of your windows and doors should complement your property and should enhance the style of your chosen product. If you have chosen ultra-modern units, you will probably want to consider a contemporary colour with impact, like black, but if you have opted for a more traditional style then you may be swayed towards softer hues of cream or grey. Unlike many aluminium providers, who typically only offer external finishes in black, white and grey, we provide an extensive choice of colour options.


The backdrop to your home and its surrounding environment can give you great inspiration for your colour palette. It is also worth considering the canvas for your doors and windows, what is the external fabric of your build? Whether you are fitting your new doors and windows into natural stone, heritage brickwork or contemporary cladding, you will want to choose colours that elevate its exterior.

Ultimately, when you are deciding on the colour and finish of your new windows and doors, you want something that will complement the design and style of your property (both internally and externally) and the products themselves. Focussing also on the backdrop and surroundings of your home, as well as your individual preferences, your new windows and doors should enhance the overall look of your property and create kerb appeal for many years to come.

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