Ravine House, the extraordinary retrofit of a 1960s Sheffield home, will be featured on the Grand Designs show later this year. 

Designed by CE+CA studio and executed by Terry Huggett Designs, the build is an incredible example of retrofit ideology. Now performing at near EnerPHit standard, the home has benefitted from an immense uplift in building performance while retaining the feel and look of the original property. 

An Outstanding project

Low energy retrofits - i.e. to anywhere near Passive House standard - is challenging. 

Crucial elements of the build – building location and positioning, for example – are already decided and introducing high performance systems like MVHR or adding insulation without disrupting or destroying the original structure is very technically difficult. 

Originally, the clients wanted to keep the style of the house the same but simply to have it rebuilt to better thermal efficiency.

The compromise outlined by CE+CA Studio and THD has resulted in a truly outstanding building and one that we are delighted to have been involved with. 

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