Aluminium-clad timber frame windows a variety of advantages over all-aluminium or all-timber windows. Durable aluminium externally and naturally insulating timber internally combine to deliver hybrid properties which result in a thermally efficient, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing product.

What are aluminium-clad timber frame windows? 

Also known as composite or alu-clad windows, these units comprise a timber frame overlaid with a powder-coated aluminium profile externally. Originally designed to improve the life expectancy of traditional timber windows, today’s alu-clad windows are now known to offer more than merely an improved lifespan.

What are the advantages?  

Unlike traditional timber windows, alu-clad windows require virtually no maintenance. The timber is protected from the elements by the tough, powder coated aluminium, which only needs to be kept clean. This protection is indispensable, particularly for properties in coastal locations where marine grade aluminium is used.

In the thermal performance department, alu-clad windows are vastly superior toall-aluminium windows. Wood, unlike aluminium, has a low thermal conductivity - it's around 800 times more effective as an insulator than aluminium. This makes the timber frame of an alu-clad window an excellent insulator. Additionally, although the aluminium cladding does not contribute to thermal performance in its own right, it can allow for the use of deeper glass units, further improving the performance of the window. 

Style: Aluminium clad windows can be designed to suit the style of almost any project. 

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Performance: elements of a high-performance Norrsken triple-glazed window
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Made predominantly from timber, the manufacturing processes and waste materials of alu-clad windows are more environmentally friendly than those used for all aluminium or UPVC windows. The sawdust produced from the production of our timber window frames, for example, is used to heat the factory.Additionally, the improved thermal efficiency of alu-clad windows can significantly contribute to a reduction in your home’s CO2 emissions and your heating bill.

When choosing new windows, you want something that will complement the design of your property and enhance its overall look. Our alu-clad windows come in a variety of styles and are available in a range of different profiles. They can be finished in any RAL colour and in dual colours, meaning that you can opt for one colour on the inside and a completely different colour on the outside. The aluminium provides a sleek, contemporary look externally, while the timber provides a warm, soft feel internally. Alu-clad windows are aesthetically pleasing and allow you to enjoy versatile design features both internally and externally. 


If you are looking for windows that deliver enhanced durability, thermal efficiency and stylish aesthetics, with near zero maintenance requirements, then alu-clad windows could be the perfect choice for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are alu-clad windows ?

Alu-clad timber windows are made from engineered timber clad externally in powder-coated aluminium cladding. These windows combine the excellent insulation properties, durability and charm of timber with the low maintenance needs of aluminium. As a result, they are some of the most attractive and best quality products on the market.

Are Alu-clad windows expensive ? Are Alu-clad windows worth it ?

Alu-clad windows tend to be more expensive than all timber versions and uPVC models, but offer a wider range of benefits including better thermal performance, aesthetic appeal, a longer lifespan, use of more environmentally friendly materials and lower maintenance. They are certainly the smarter choice for a well-insulated home in the long run.

Are alu-clad windows better than Upvc ?

Alu-clad timber windows are much better at insulating - so offer better thermal performance - than most uPVC windows and have a much lower embodied carbon footprint. They also last longer, have more aesthetic appeal and are more likely to add value to the property, although they tend to cost more. (Source: Researchgate)

Are Alu-clad windows better than wood windows ?

Aluminium-clad timber windows provide all the same benefits as wood windows - exceptional thermal performance, charming interior style, durability - with the extra benefit of being more weather resistant thanks to the protective layer of aluminium. However, if traditional style is first priority then wooden window frames provide a more classic look.

What are the benefits of alu-clad windows ?

Aluminium clad windows are durable and provide excellent insulation thanks to the timber frames. The aluminium cladding protects the window from weather damage and decay, ensuring a long lifespan of low-maintenance, dependable performance. As a result, they are some of the most attractive and best quality products on the market.

Can Aluminium windows be painted ?

Our aluminium-clad windows can be finished in any RAL colour with a powder-coated finish. Dual colour finish - different colours inside and out - is available as standard, so there is no shortage of options when choosing the colour of your windows! Internally the windows can be repainted later if desired.

Are alu-clad better than aluminium windows ? Alu-clad vs aluminium windows

While aluminium frames are strong and light, aluminium is a very poor insulating material - over 1000 times worse than wood. Even with multi-chambered extrusions and thermal breaks, aluminium still performs much more poorly than timber as a frame material. Aluminium also has higher environmental impacts and higher embodied carbon.
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